Arcade Cabinet for iPad

It’s the retro gaming sensation that started it all—flashback to the glory days of gaming with iCade. This arcade cabinet for iPad is one of the most entertaining iPad accessories imaginable!

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Arcade Game Controller for iPad

The streamlined iCade experience. iCade Core has all the essential gaming features you need: smashable buttons, a sturdy joystick, and a secure cradle for your iPad. Unleash your inner arcade champion!

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Mobile Game Controller for iPhone & iPod touch

The ultimate handheld game controller. With tons of buttons and a cradle that swivels into horizontal or vertical viewing positions, iCade Mobile gives you all the controls you need to be a mobile-gaming master!

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Arcade-Style Controller for iPhone & iPod touch

Arcade gaming for iPhone and iPad touch! What could be more fun than that? iCade Jr. is the must-have gaming accessory that makes any space into an instant arcade. Game on!

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