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Audioholics: Christmas Guide 2014

“Are you looking for good, room filling sound, but just don’t have space for a conventional audio system?

Modern Man: 2014 Holiday Gift Guide- Electronics

The Bluetooth- enabled speaker allows you to control the playlist from afar with your iPhone, iPad, or smartphone device.

Marie Claire: Tech Gift Guide

Celebrate #throwbackthursday with a classic arcade cabinet for your iPad.

Every Day with Rachel Ray: 12 Days of Giving

Music fanatics can play their favorite vinyl tracks, then convert them to digital files, all on a Max LP turntable...

A.V Club- Holiday Gift Guide Part 1

"ION's Tape2PC not only connects to stereo system, but to any computer via a USB cable, thus allowing users to rip...

Morning Sun: 2014 Holiday Tech Gift Guide

Ion Party Starter: “This is a wireless speaker that has a party light on top which bounces to the beat of the music.

New York Post: Holiday Gift Guide

Kick up your feet and pump up the jams with this tufted ottoman-...

eCoustics: ION Audio Block Party Live

“Portable telescoping handle and built-in wheels make it easy to transport the party...

Residential Systems: Ion Audio Sound Lounge Ottoman

Not only does the Sound Lounge deliver on big wireless sound, it comes furnished with a...

CBS7: Deck the Halls with Smart Home Technology

This holiday, invest in some smart tech that make this particularly busy season less stressful...

Ecoustics: ION Sound Lounge Ottoman Speaker Combo

“You can wirelessly stream your favorite music from your smart phone, tablet or any media device to fill the room...

ION Sound Lounge - MacTrast

The ION Sound Lounge is a great, if somewhat unusual Bluetooth speaker. Listeners looking for great sound...

ION Sound Lounge - Selfish Mom

“The best part about the Sound Lounge is that it’s really powerful. You can use the other RCA connector to hook it up...

ION Tough Sounds - The Mommy Avenger

“ION Tough Sounds Headphones are an incredible product. Great sound quality, noise reducing, too...

Electronic House – ION Wants to Rock Your Rump with the Sound Lounge

“The Sound Lounge can be used as a seat, a footstool, or a piece to show off to friends. It packs a 2.1 channel...

PC Magazine – Gifts for your Favorite Gadget Loving Hipster

“Thankfully, the ION Max LP vinyl-to-digital converter will be able to transform all your LPs into portable MP3 files...

Esquire – Sonically Inspired Gifts for the Music Lover

“ION has you covered – simply play a record, and it automatically digitizes the tracks to MP3 for you. Featuring built...

ChipChick – Sit on this Ottoman with a Speaker Inside

“..ION Audio just created the only ottoman you’ll ever need – one that doubles as a Bluetooth sound system...

Audiogurus -  Best Electronic gifts 2014 Edition

“The ION Sound Lounge is just a fun product...the thought of an ottoman with an integrated Bluetooth receiver is...

RunAroundTech – Review: ION Sound Experience Sound Lounge

For starters, what you get from the Sound Lounge is a sturdy ottoman style seat. You can sit on, you can rest your feet..

A.V. Club – Holiday Gift Guide, Part 1

"ION's Tape2PC not only connects to stereo system, but to any computer via a USB cable, thus allowing users to rip their...

Trail Blazer Girl – ION Audio Clipster Active

"Music on the go! The Clipster Active by our friends at ION Audio is a great speaker for the active trail blazer girl...

USA Today – 6 Tips for Tech-ing Out Your Halloween Fright Night

"Still, your home will have plenty of creepy looks when it's pumping out foggy bubbles, but you can make it look and sound...

ION Film 2 SD Plus – Top Ten Reviews

The ION Film 2 SD Plus converts 35 mm slide and film negatives into digital images...

ION Sound Splash –

"The sound quality is great, and you can hear every layer of music in the song."

ION House Party – On Tech This Out - NBC10 TV

If you want to take your gathering up a notch, or you just want to have some fun, this speaker might be for you!

ION Sound Lounge – Elements of the Street

"Ever thought your furniture was missing something? Perhaps some… speakers? "

ION Casette Adaptor Bluetooth – Gizmodo

" ION Audio’s new Cassette Adaptor Bluetooth is a ridiculously easy way to get their old and modern technology to play.."

ION Party Rocker and Sound Lounge – KUSI “Good Morning San Diego – Mr. Biceps”

"Convert any room into a disco or a party. They also make this incredible (Sound) Lounge."

ION Party Ball – Gizmodo

"You’ll happily swap your old bulbs for this interactive Party Ball."

ION Cassette Adaptor Bluetooth – Apple N’ Apps

"If your car is relatively old, and still has a cassette tape player, then this product is perfect for you."

ION Party Rocker Live- Wall Street Journal Live at CES ’14

"You can be dancing and control the music and lights live. (with the smart phone app)"

ION Pure LP –

"Ion's Pure LP model connects directly to your Mac or PC and converts your record collection to digital files."

ION FlashCube – Video product review at CES ‘14

"Flash Cube….has a really neat lighting feature that you can set to your moods."

ION iCADE - Best of Show winner at Mobile Mag.

"iCADE for iPad is the old-school arcade cabinet we’ve always wanted."

ION TAPE EXPRESS - Product Review from

"All a user needs to do is connect the Tape Express to the PC via USB, and allow the EZ tape converter software to turn that tape into an MP3 in hardly any time at all."

ION LP 2 CD - Product Review from

"Just put the needle to the groove and hit the record button, and the LP2CD will suck the recording into its memory. Hit the Burn Disc button when you're done and presto!"

ION SLIDES 2 PC - Father’s Day Gift Guide on

"We need affordable, simple, and good quality, and this is what ION delivers."

ION DRUM ROCKER - Product Review from Cheat Code Central

"One of the best gaming accessories we've ever had the privilege of beating up."

ION BLOCK ROCKER - Product Review from CNET TV

Reporter Donald Bell states it will, "knock your socks off."

ION BLOCK ROCKER - Product Review from

Ion Audio Block Rocker portable sound system for iPod

ION TTUSB05 - Product Review from

Ion Audio Introduces Two New USB Turntables

iPA03 - Product Feature from

Blog featuring the iPA03 from a user's point of view...

ION TTUSB05 - Product Review from

Turn your 45s and LPs into MP3s...

ION TTUSB10 - Product Feature from

The hottest accessories for your MP3...

ION TTUSB - Product Review from

Dust off your vinyl and video and add them to your CD and DVD collection...