Film 2 SD Max

23 MP Ultra-High-Resolution Slide and Negative Scanner



Everyone has them—that huge pile of old photos, slides and negatives. You can’t bring yourself to get rid of them, because you’ll “look at them again” one of these days. So they just sit there, cluttering up your space.ION’s Film 2 SD Max is the perfect solution—it converts those old slides and negatives to Hi-Res digital files (up to 23 MP) onto SD card so you can view them, share them and print them. Yesterday’s forgotten memories instantly become today’s smiles!Best of all, Film 2 SD Max works completely standalone—no computer necessary. It has a large LCD screen for easy viewing, and its auto exposure and color balance controls ensure ideal results, every time.


Specifications subject to change without notice.

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Key Features

  • Standalone operation - no computer necessary!
  • Transfers your slides and negatives directly onto SD card (included)
  • Performs up to 23 megapixel scans
  • Includes adjustable Rapid Slide Feeder (fits 1.1 to 3.0 mm)
  • USB port for optional connection to computer (cable included)
  • Large color LCD screen, automatic exposure and color balance controls

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