iCade Mobile

Mobile Game Controller for iPhone & iPod touch


Classic handheld control over your favorite iPhone and iPod touch games

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Get serious about your mobile gaming with iCade Mobile, the ultimate handheld game controller for iPhone and iPod touch.

Touch screens are great for some games, but when you want to master intense combat, racing or adventure games you need more than a touch screen, you need tactile buttons! Gamers of all ages will love iCade Mobile's classic controller configuration, which is designed to allow them to play hundreds of modern and retro games the way they were meant to be played. iCade Mobile's four-way directional pad, four front-facing action buttons and four shoulder buttons are designed to withstand even the most fierce button mashing. iCade Mobile gets your fingers out of the way and gives you a full view of the action with a specially designed cradle that ensures safe loading and unloading of your iPhone or iPod touch while also providing a solid, secure fit even during the most intense game-play sessions.

"Will the iCade make you better at action games on your iPhone or iPod Touch? Yes, definitely." -The Gadgeteer

Not only does iCade Mobile give you a full view of your iPhone or iPod touch screen, it also gives you the ability to view your screen in either portrait or landscape format. iCade Mobile's cradle conveniently swivels and locks into horizontal or vertical viewing positions, allowing you to play and view each game the right way. Plus, iCade Mobile connects to your iPhone or iPod touch via wireless Bluetooth technology for clean, tangle free gaming.

Mobile gaming on your iPhone or iPod touch has never been this much fun! iCade Mobile from ION.

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Frequently Asked Questions... [+]

What devices are compatible with the iCade gaming controllers?
All products in the iCade line share compatibility characteristics. As of April 2012, iCade products are compatible with the following devices: ・ 3rd and 4th generation iPod touch ・ iPhone 3, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S ・ iPad, iPad 2 and iPad (3rd generation)

Key Features

  • Adds physical buttons and d-pad to your iPhone and iPod touch gaming
  • Rotating cradle allows for landscape and portrait views of gaming action
  • Connects using wireless Bluetooth technology
  • Works with hundreds of games including Frogger Decades and Temple Run
  • Ergonomic design for hours of comfortable gameplay
  • True control with eight action buttons and a two-axis directional pad


  • iCade Mobile
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Safety & Warranty Manual
  • iPod Touch Insert
  • AA Batteries

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