Karaoke 2 Go

Portable Karaoke System for iPad & Other Tablets


Big-time karaoke fun anywhere!

Karaoke 2 Go™ works with your iPad,  iPhone, or iPod touch to let you sing and throw spontaneous karaoke parties everywhere you go. And the free Karaoke Cloud app gives you access to hundreds of the best songs that you've always wanted to sing (*see the footnote below for compatibility info). Have an Android device? No problem, Karaoke 2 Go works with virtually any Android device, too.

Karaoke 2 Go comes with a high-quality microphone to have you singing like a pop star in no time. And setup is simple! Just use the special included cable to connect Karaoke 2 Go to your tablet device and the Karaoke 2 Go speaker. Don't let looks fool you. This little speaker packs a BIG sound! You'll have a great time singing your favorite songs with your friends and family. It's an awesome little system for big-time karaoke fun anywhere.

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*The Karaoke Cloud app is a free App Store download. To see if Karaoke Cloud is compatible with your iOS device, visit the app's webpage here. Additional songs are available for purchase within this app.


Specifications subject to change without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions... [+]

How does Karaoke 2 Go connect to my smartphone or tablet?
It’s very easy. Just plug the microphone cable into your phone or tablet’s 1/8-inch input.
What phones and tablets work with Karaoke 2 Go?
Any tablet or smartphone with a combo input/output headphone/mic jack will work with Karaoke 2 Go.
Can I use Karaoke 2 Go as a speakerphone for my phone?
No. Karaoke 2 Go is dedicated to 100% karaoke fun.
Does Karaoke 2 Go work with in-app effects, such as echo?
Yes, for some. Several iPad karaoke apps have built-in echo and other effects and many of them work with Karaoke 2 Go. In short, it depends on the app.
Does the Karaoke 2 Go microphone work with other apps?
Yes. The Karaoke 2 Go microphone may be used with other apps.

Key Features

  • Sing your favorite songs and throw spontaneous karaoke parties anywhere
  • Ultra-compact speaker delivers BIG sound and tons of karaoke fun
  • Free Karaoke Cloud app with 10 free songs and thousands more available for purchase*
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery for hours of singing
  • Sing like a pop star with the included high-quality microphone
  • Works with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and virtually any Android tablet
  • Special cable included for connection to your device and included speaker


  • Karaoke 2 Go Speaker
  • Karaoke 2 Go Microphone
  • Connection Cable
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Safety & Warranty Manual

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