LP 2 Flash

Digital Conversion Turntable with Built-In SD & USB Recording



LP 2 Flash is the fastest and easiest way to convert your vinyl recordings directly to an SD card or USB thumb drive* without the need for a computer. LP 2 Flash listens for the silence between songs on your recordings and automatically breaks up album into individual tracks. Once converted, you can listen to your music on any audio player with a standard SD card slot, or on your computer. Converting your records is a snap with LP 2 Flash!

LP 2 Flash has a large display and familiar controls for Record, Playback, and navigation. You can even control the quality of your MP3s without connecting a computer. You can also connect and move your music to a USB thumb drive.

If you prefer to use your computer, it’s a breeze to transfer your music with the included USB cable.

LP 2 Flash comes with EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software. It's the simplest way to get the music on your vinyl directly into iTunes.

Once your music is on an SD card, a USB thumb drive, or your computer, you can sort your music, make custom playlists, take songs with you on an iPod, or play them directly from your computer. Finally, a way to make your record collection completely portable and secure!

You can connect LP 2 Flash to your stereo system using the included cable and play records just like a traditional record player. There’s also an input so you can archive the music that’s on your cassette tapes or other sound sources – right in LP 2 Flash, with no need for a computer.

LP 2 Flash is a flexible, powerful tool for preserving your music and making it convenient to enjoy wherever you are.

*SD cards up to 2GB, thumb drive must be FAT16 or FAT32-formatted.
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What operating systems is this product compatible with?
This product is class compliant; it’s immediately compatible with every current and future version of Mac OS X and iOS and with Windows (98SE and up) operating systems.

Key Features

  • Direct recording to SD card or USB thumb drive – no computer required!
  • Recording with automatic track separation – no computer required
  • Easily transfer music into your iTunes library on your Mac or PC via USB
  • Connects to your home stereo system for use as a traditional record player
  • Front panel input jack allows you to convert other music sources
  • Great-quality recordings at high-resolution sample rates
  • Works great standalone or with a computer
  • Includes EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software for transfer to computer
  • This product is class compliant; it does not require drivers.

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