PIANO APPRENTICE Piano-Learning System & CENTER STAGE Sound System


Learn to play piano loud and clear!

The PIANO APPRENTICE LIVE bundle includes the PIANO APPRENTICE piano-learning system & CENTER STAGE sound system: 

PIANO APPRENTICE is the ultimate piano teaching tool for iPad, iPod and iPhone. Simply connect your iPad, iPod or iPhone, download the free PIANO APPRENTICE app, and start playing piano instantly! PIANO APPRENTICE is a lightweight, highly portable 25-note keyboard with built-in stereo speakers that deliver authentic piano sound and keys that respond to your touch. It's easy to follow along as acclaimed piano instructor Scott Houston, aka the Piano Guy, appears on the screen demonstrating how to play while the actual keys on PIANO APPRENTICE light up, showing you where to place your hands. The PIANO APPRENTICE app will even teach you how to read real music notation! 

CENTER STAGE is everything a home party organizer, musician, small band, or venue needs to deliver big, powerful sound to their audience. This complete sound system consists of two self-powered speakers with stands, a built-in mixer, microphone, cables, and a cradle to hold portable digital music players, like an iPod.

The easy-to-transport speakers provide full, rich sound, thanks to the system's 50 watts of power. CENTER STAGE can amplify microphones, electric instruments - like keyboards or guitars - or your iPod and other digital music players.

CENTER STAGE is a complete, compact sound system and comes with everything you need to get started: speaker stands to keep the speakers at optimal height, a microphone with cable, and a 1/8"-to-RCA  cable so you can easily plug in your iPod, cell phone, or CD player. CENTER STAGE even has a built-in mixer, so you can adjust each input level to get just the right balance and sound.

Bring out your inner musician with PIANO APPRENTICE and CENTER STAGE from ION.

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Key Features

  • PIANO APPRENTICE piano-learning system
  • CENTER STAGE sound system