CZ-800-10 33 1/3 & 45 Cartridge w/ Stylus

Replacement Ceramic Cartridge and Stylus

Stay in the groove with this replacement ceramic cartridge!

Your cartridge and stylus are where the rubber hits the road on your turntable. Or should we say, where the needle hits the record. This replacement ceramic cartridge is a perfect fit for your Classic LP, iPT01, iPTUSB, iPTUSB LE, Max LP, or Mobile LP and many other ION turntables (see list below). If your stylus is worn, or if you just need a backup, this cartridge will keep your turntable in top shape and sounding great!

To Replace Stylus

- Grasp both sides of the stylus and pull forward to remove stylus

- Grasp both sides of the stylus and slide up and back to attach stylus

To Replace Cartridge

- remove stylus from old Cartridge

- grab headshell with thumb under front tab and index finger on rear of head shell with left hand.

- grab old cartridge with right thumb and index finger. Carefully Pull down and forward with right hand while while pulling up with left hand.

- carefully disconnect wires from rear of cartridge pulling from metal tabs.

- remove stylus guard and stylus from new cartridge

- reconnect wires on new cartridge. the single metal connector with black wires goes on the bottom posts that are closer together.

- From rear view, as you would install the cartridge - The red wire goes on the right upper post, the white wire goes on the left upper post.

- reconnect cartridge to headshell by placing cartridge beneath headshell with thumb below cartridge and index finger on top of headshell.

- carefully squeeze the two together. a 'light' snap occurs and the catridge should fit snug.

- reattach new stylus to new cartridge.

Fits all ION turntables that use a ceramic cartridge (see following list):

Classic LP

Max LP

Mobile LP


Archive LP

Forever LP

Live LP

Power Play

Quick Play Flash

Quick Play LP

Vinyl Motion

Vinyl Motion Deluxe

Air LP

Duo Deck



CD Direct


Profile LP

Profile Pro

*TTUSB, TTUSBDC, LP2CD, Select LP use a magnetic cartridge and are not compatible.

All information is preliminary and subject to change.


  • Cartridge Type: Ceramic
  • Stylus tip: Sapphire 0.7mil with long playing life and good reproduction of voice and music
  • Tracking force: 5 grams (4-6 grams)
  • Weight of Cartridge: 1.8 grams
  • Output voltage: 180-360mV
  • Channel balance at 1kHz: within 3dB
  • Channel separation at 1kHz: ≥20dB
  • Frequency response: 50-10,000Hz