Green Light-Up Drumsticks

Light your drums on FIRE!

FIRESTIX are light-up drumsticks that will bring excitement to any drummer's performance. FIRESTIX aren't just glow-in-the-dark drumsticks; they really light up!

Batteries in the base of each stick power bright green lights each time you strike a drum or cymbal. The light triggers in FIRESTIX are extremely sensitive, and the lights are super bright, providing an awesome, rhythmic light show as you pound your drums and cymbals.

Each pair of FIRESTIX is made of durable, heat-resistant polymer and comes with batteries. Add some spark to your drum performance with FIRESTIX.

All information is preliminary and subject to change.


  • Pair of light-up drumsticks
  • Bright green lights triggered by striking drums or cymbals
  • Batteries are included
  • Durable for long-lasting performance