Holiday Party (iUL4)

Multi-color Outdoor Projected Light

Cover your house with exciting, colorful lights!

Here’s what you want: Colorful, festive lights that decorate your house with dazzling illumination. Here’s what you don’t want: fighting with tangled strings of lights in the cold weather, only to have them not work after all the hassle. You’ve had enough of that, right?

Holiday Party™ is the answer. It’s a self-contained unit that projects beautiful, bright Red, Blue, Green and White lights onto your house. Holiday Party stakes securely in the ground and projects its light from a long-lasting LED dome. Its included a remote control that lets you select the color, motion and light sequence. Best of all, it’s weather-resistant so you can leave it outside in the rain or snow. Your house will always look great and you’ll save yourself all the trouble.

All information is preliminary and subject to change.


  • Sets up in seconds—just stakes into the ground!
  • Includes remote for power, color selection, motion on/off
  • Choose any single color or all colors
  • Internal motor creates constantly shifting patterns
  • LED projection replaces hundreds of traditional lights
  • Provides coverage for up to 4000 sq. feet (80’ W x 50’ H)
  • Super-Bright LEDs in White, Red, Green, and Blue
  • Weather-resistant housing—leave outside in rain or snow!