Mega Party Express

Big Wireless Sound with Bright Party Lights

Make Any Party a Mega Party!

From amplifying the next big game or movie to energizing the next big party, Mega Party Express™ is ready for anything. It's a complete home hi-fi system with tons of power in a compact form factor. Plus, it has a built-in lightshow to transform your home into a dance club, or karaoke bar.

Bass you can feel in your chest. Swirling, pulsating lights that wash over the walls and make your music a visual experience. Mega Party Express are for those who are serious about sound and serious about partying. Crank up the volume and hang on for the ride! Stream music from any Bluetooth music player, phone, laptop or tablet. Or, play music straight from a USB flash drive or the built-in FM radio. Each speaker is made of rugged MDF and includes a thumping subwoofer, two powerful wooferss, two tweeters, and ensuring your music is more than just loud --it's crystal-clear and richly detailed.

While Mega Party Express thunders with powerful sound, it simultaneously beams pulsating multi-colored dance lights in every direction. Also, the subwoofer and woofers are illuminated and flash to the beat of the music.

A microphone is included for karaoke, and an adjustable echo-effect is built-in so you can throw the ultimate karaoke party.

Or, you can turn off the lighting effects and just enjoy the speakers for watching a movie or relaxing and listening to music.

Mega Party Express is your one-stop-shop for throwing a massive, memorable party.

All information is preliminary and subject to change.


  • Streams music wirelessly with Bluetooth
  • Illuminated speakers change color and pulsate to the beat
  • Party lights projects colorful patterns on walls and ceilings
  • 600 Watts Peak power for massive sound
  • X-Drive effect for for powerful bass sound
  • Each speaker has one 10" woofer, two 3" mid-range drivers, and two 1" tweeters
  • USB port for music playback
  • FM radio with 40 presets
  • RCA line inputs for connecting other line-level devices
  • RCA line outputs for connecting additional powered speakers
  • 3 microphone inputs with bass and treble control
  • Includes professional-quality microphone with cable
  • Professional karaoke delay effects built in
  • Remote control included for lighting and playback control