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PROFILE FLASH Conversion Turntable & Numark NPM5 Speakers

Crank up the vinyl.

The PROFLASH STUDIO Bundle includes the PROFILE FLASH vinyl-to-SD/USB turntable and Numark NPM5 studio speakers:


Get your classic music onto today’s digital devices with PROFILE FLASH. This cutting-edge turntable can record straight from your vinyl records onto an SD card or USB flash drive. Imagine listening to your favorite records on your TV, mobile phone, or any other device with an SD card slot or USB jack! The best part is that you can move your music without even connecting a computer!

The PROFILE series of LP-conversion systems is designed with contemporary, low-profile looks. Each model is designed to capture the music from your vinyl records and turn it into portable, flexible, digital MP3s that you can enjoy at home and on the go.


NPM5 is a complete speaker system that's perfect for cranking up your PROFILE FLASH turntable. You'll enjoy NPM5's sound that accurately plays the deepest bass and the brightest highs in your music. NPM5 is a self-contained, active speaker system with built-in amplifiers so all you need to do is plug in your system and you're ready to go! 

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  • PROFILE FLASH Conversion Turntable
  • Numark NPM5 Speakers