U Cast

Podcasting Kit with USB Microphone

Create professional podcasts and get them heard!

Join the podcast revolution!

If you’ve ever wanted to have your own radio show or make custom, personalized broadcasts, podcasting is a great way to start and ION Audio has the perfect solution to help make you the star! U Cast is the best way to make your own podcasts for internet posting. Anything is possible with U Cast; you can host your own talk show, mix sounds and music like a radio DJ, or be a movie critic heard by millions around the world. U Cast gives you everything you need: a professional-grade USB microphone, headphones, sound editing software and an easy way to deliver your Podcast to the masses. Your podcast can be downloaded and played on computers and portable music devices everywhere. It’s time to be heard! Creating your own podcast has never been easier. Make yours today with U Cast.


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  • High-quality Alesis brand USB microphone with desktop stand, records directly to your computer
  • Includes headphones for monitoring your recordings
  • Bundled with software for recording and editing recordings
  • Automatic notification of podcasts to iTunes, other Podcast groups, and web search engines
  • Class Compliant: this product is immediately compatible with every current and future version of Mac OS X and iOS and with Windows (98SE and up) operating systems