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Desk Rocker

USB Stereo Speakers

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Desk Rocker

Desk Rocker is a stereo speaker system with two high-quality desktop speakers for precise stereo imaging.

The speakers are self-powered, so once you connect Desk Rocker to a standard wall outlet, you don't need an additional amplifier. In addition to providing clean, precise audio playback for your computer, TV, DVD player, CD player, and more, Desk Rocker doubles as a digital audio interface so you can record to your computer.

You can connect a guitar, keyboard, CD player, or other audio source directly to Desk Rocker and record CD-quality digital audio directly into your computer.

Desk Rocker is a perfect upgrade for the speakers that came with your computer and other desktop speaker systems. Designed by professional studio musicians, the speakers produce excellent clarity and full, rich sound. Their two-way design utilizes separate drivers for high and low frequencies.

Regardless of the source, Desk Rocker never falters with full-range realism and superb sound quality. Desk Rocker is ideal for all computer-audio listening, from system sounds to web-based audio and video clips, CD and MP3-music to gaming.

Desk Rocker features a Bass Boost switch, which, when engaged, enhances low frequencies, so you can tailor the sound response of the speakers to your preference.

Standard RCA audio inputs make connecting Desk Rocker to any audio equipment such as a TV, DVD player, CD player, or cassette deck simple for playback without need for additional amplifiers or receivers.

Desk Rocker also has a front-panel headphone output, so you can monitor sound without disturbing others, or for listening while recording into the speaker system.

A voltage-switchable power supply makes the speaker system perfect for great sound anywhere in the world.

Desk Rocker is magnetically shielded, so the speakers will not interfere with TVs, computers monitors, or hard drives. The built-in USB connection and audio interface is plug-and-play compliant, requiring no driver-installation for use with Mac or PC.

Desk Rocker is a versatile, feature-packed speaker system for listening to computer, TV and home audio. With a built-in USB audio-recording interface, headphone and line outputs, and an included carrying case, Desk Rocker takes maximum advantage of minimal desktop real estate.

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Key Features

  • High-quality stereo speakers
  • USB audio interface
  • CD-quality recording and playback
  • Inputs: Line (RCA), Line (1/8" stereo)
  • Magnetically shielded for placement near TV and computer monitors