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Job Rocker (Restock)

Wireless Sound System

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Job Rocker (Restock)

Heavy-Duty Sound

Job Rocker™ is the perfect companion for construction sites, home improvement projects, or for when you’re getting your hands dirty in the garage or workshop. Its powerful 50-Watt speaker makes the hours pass like minutes, filling any room or jobsite with music.

Wireless for the Worksite

Job Rocker comes ready to stream music wirelessly from your iPhone, iPod touch, Android devices, and more. Its Bluetooth® wireless technology means you can keep control of the music while you work, and its built-in battery will keep any jobsite filled with music for up to 50 hours.

Power When You Need It

No more power outlets? No problem. Job Rocker comes with 2 extra AC extension outlets* built in, so you can power your tools and work lights, recharge the batteries of your cordless drill, and more. Each outlet is protected by a rubber dust cover, so when you’re not using the outlet, you don’t have to worry about it getting clogged with dust or debris.

*AC extension outlets are active when Job Rocker is plugged in.

Rugged for the Rough Days

Job Rocker’s cabinet is built to take a beating with chrome-plated steel handles and protective corner bumpers, so you can stay focused on the job. A full-length metal grille keeps the speaker safe from common jobsite hazards, and Job Rocker’s large rubberized controls are easy to handle, even with gloves on.

Built-in Radio

Never miss the big game. Job Rocker’s built-in AM/FM radio gives you instant access to your favorite channels, so you can keep up with the team, even when you’re at work. With its six preset buttons, you can store all your go-to music and talk stations too.

Play While You Work

When time is money, the right tool makes all the difference. Job Rocker keeps the job moving with useful features that make incorporating it into your workflow easy. And music is a great motivator. Whether you’re streaming your favorite tracks or listening to the local classic rock station, Job Rocker is the easiest way to play while you work.

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What's Included

Key Features

Wirelessly connect your Bluetooth® compatible device

Wirelessly connect your Bluetooth® compatible device

AM/FM Radio with presets to save your favorite stations

AM/FM Radio with presets to save your favorite stations

Additional Specs

  • Streams music wirelessly from any Bluetooth music player up to 100 feet away
  • Works with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android® devices, and more
  • 2 AC power outlets for powering lights, tools, and more
  • Built-in battery provides up to 50 hours of continuous use on a single charge
  • Powerful 50-Watt speaker system provides room-filling sound and full bass
  • Durable wooden cabinet with rugged chrome-plated steel handles and protective corner bumpers
  • Large rubberized buttons and controls that are easy to use even with gloves on
  • Built-in digital AM/FM radio with 6 preset buttons and durable rubber antenna
  • Protective rubber dust covers over power outlets and audio port
  • Full-length metal grille protects the speaker
  • Portable and rechargeable, perfect for use anywhere, indoors or outside