The ION Air CD allows you to wirelessly stream your favorite CDs to virtually any Bluetooth® speaker. If you have just acquired your new CD player and are having trouble powering it on, connecting to a Bluetooth speaker, or have questions about the warranty, this video and guide will be going over troubleshooting tips to get you started!

Guide Contents

Prepping your CD for Playback

Before we connect the ION AIR CD to a Bluetooth speaker, we want to make sure we have a CD ready for playback: Click here to see this Video Step.

  1. Open the CD compartment lid by pressing the Eject button, insert a CD, and close the compartment lid.
  2. Connect headphones to the Phones output.
  3. Press and hold the Play/Pause button for 2 seconds to power on Air CD.
  4. Select a CD track using the |<< or >>| buttons.
  5. Press Play/Pause to start CD playback.
  6. Adjust the playback Volume -/+ buttons as needed.
  7. To search backward or forward through a track, press and hold the |<< or >>| buttons.

If the CD does not playback properly, reinsert the disc, make sure its clean or try another disc.

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Connecting to your Bluetooth Speaker

Now that you have your CD ready to play, let's connect it to a Bluetooth speaker! Note: The AIR CD will have no issue connecting to a Car Bluetooth speaker unless a code is required for connection. Otherwise, you may want to use the AUX port with a 1/8 inch to 1/8 inch cable: Click here to see this Video Step.

  1. Power on your Bluetooth speaker and ensure it is in pairing mode.
  2. Press and release Play/Pause to power on Air CD.
  3. Press and hold the Bluetooth button on Air CD to start pairing to your Bluetooth device. “BT” will be seen flashing on the Air CD display when it is in pairing mode.
    • The pairing process could take up to 30 seconds, so if your CD player takes a little longer than usual to connect make sure to patiently standby until your Air CD and Bluetooth speaker establish a connection. For best results, move the Air CD and Bluetooth speaker close together.
    • If there are any other Bluetooth devices such as phones, tablets or computers nearby, you may want to make sure that the BT is turned off on each device so your Bluetooth speaker has an easier time finding the Air CD.
  4. When the Bluetooth connection is made, the BT icon on the Air CD’s display should stop flashing, and be solid. Your Bluetooth speaker should indicate when the connection has been made as well. Your Bluetooth speaker should indicate when the connection has been made.
    • Note: Air CD will connect to the closest Bluetooth speaker that is near it.
  5. Press Play/Pause to start CD playback. If you are connected to a Bluetooth speaker with a play/pause button and do not hear audio, try pressing the play/pause button.
  6. Adjust the volume on your Bluetooth speaker (if applicable) or use the Volume -/+ buttons on Air CD to control the output level.
  7. To disconnect pairing, press and release the Bluetooth button on Air CD or turn off Bluetooth pairing on your Bluetooth speaker.
  8. Press the Stop button to stop playback. To power off Air CD, press and release the Stop button after playback is stopped.

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What can I do if the Air CD wont power on?

In case the Air CD is not powering on, you may want to check the batteries or your cable connection (Batteries Sold Separately):

  1. Open the back of the Air CD and make sure that the batteries are inserted correctly.
  2. If they are inserted correctly, try using a new pair of batteries.
  3. Make sure that the included USB cable is fastened to the USB port of the Air CD and connect to a computer USB port, USB/AC power brick (sold separately), or car USB charging port.

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Do I need to register my Air CD on the ION website?

Despite what the included manual may say, there is no need to register the product in your ION Audio account. The benefit of registering this product would be to access included software but there is no software included with your unit.

The manufactures warranty will start from the date of purchase and is valid for 90 Days. Please maintain a copy of your receipt if you need to submit a warranty claim.

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Further Technical Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an ION product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the experienced ION technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.