ion djlive mainDJ Live is a powerful and fun way to DJ with your digital music collection.  With a single USB connection to your computer, you gain access to the tools professional DJs use to entertain a crowd. This article answers some frequently asked questions about the DJ Live.


Frequently Asked Questions


What software is included with the DJ Live?

The DJ Live includes a download code for Virtual DJ LE Lite.

Where do I download my software and how do I activate it?
  • Go to and create or log into your Virtual DJ account.
  • Once you are logged into your account, select Download, My Account, and then My Licenses from the top-screen menu.
  • Enter the Virtual DJ 7 LE Lite license number located on your activation card.
  • Once the license number is validated, your download links will be displayed. Download and run the Virtual Dj LE Lite software install to begin the installation process.
  • When the installation is complete, open Virtual DJ 7 LE Lite and enter your license number to authorize your copy of the software.
Will the DJ Live work with my iOS device?

The DJ Live will not work with any iOS devices. It is exclusively for use with a Windows PC or Mac computer.

Does the DJ Live allow me to pre-cue through my headphones?

Yes! The iDJ Live has an audio interface that allows you to cue your tracks through your headphones while sending your main mix out to a set of speakers.

I don’t see a Cue Mix or Cue Level knob on the DJ Live. How do I adjust these settings?

Both of these settings can be found in the included Virtual DJ Le Lite software. There are no hardware controls for either of these functions.

When I turn the Treble knob on the DJ Live, Virtual DJ LE Lite shows both the Treble AND MID EQ being adjusted. Is this normal?

Yes. The Treble knob on the DJ Live controls both the Treble and Mid EQ settings simultaneously in Virtual Dj LE 7 Lite.


Further Technical Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a ION product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the experienced ION technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.



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