ion discoverdj mainMost computers only have one stereo out channel to listen to music. This means that when using an item like the ION Discover DJ, you will need a separate external audio interface in order cue with headphones.  This article walks through the setup for sending one channel of audio to the headphones while the other goes to the main speakers to help you on your journey to becoming a professional DJ!

There are a variety of audio interfaces out there that can do the job to split the audio.  One product we recommend is the Numark DJ iO.

ion discoverdj djio angle

Along with installing and connecting your audio interface, there are additional settings in the included Mixvibes Cross software which you will have to change in order to fully utilize an external audio interface when cueing.  Below, you will find the steps for routing audio in the Mixvibes Cross software while using the Numark DJ iO.

Also, keep in mind that when using an external audio interface, be aware of which type of connections the interface uses to output sound.  The Numar DJ iO uses standard red and white RCA-type connectors (see pic below).  These outputs are what connects directly to your speaker system.

  • Output 1 - This is the Master Output.  Connect your speakers to this output.
  • Output 2 - This is the second (headphone) channel of output.  This output sends the same signal to the headphone connection on the front of the DJ iO.

ion discoverdj cueing djio rear1


The image below shows the configuration that should be used in the included Mixvibes software when using the ION Discover DJ and the Numark DJ iO. 

First, open Mixvibes Cross and go to the Preferences menu.  Within the Audio tab:

  • Choose your audio interface in the top drop-down menu.
  • Set the Output 1: field to Out 1/Out 2
  • Set the Output 2: field to Out 3/Out 4
  • Ensure that the Routing Mode is set to Dual Stereo

    ion discoverdj cueing preferences

Finally, in order to activate the cue feature, click on the headphone icon in the Mixvibes Cross software.

  • In the image below, a song is being played and sent to the main output and the speakers from Deck A, while the headphone cue is activated (shown in red) on Deck B and being sent to the headphone output on the DJ iO.
  • The cue monitor knob controls the volume for the headphones.

    ion discoverdj cueing headphone cue




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