Dynamic Vocal Microphone

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Be the star of the show with this high-quality microphone!

If you’re looking for a perfect replacement microphone for the one that came with your ION product or you want to add a mic to an ION product that has a microphone input, this is what you want—the ION Audio Microphone.

It’s a rugged design that features a highly-sensitive and accurate dynamic transducer, so it will easily record every sound, from loud to soft. A steel-mesh guard screen protects the dynamic recording elements, ensuring that this mic will stand up to hard use and always sound its best.

The nicely-weighted shape and convenient on-off control means it’s easy to operate, A 7.5- foot cord  (2.3 m) gives you plenty of freedom to move around, and the microphone connects with a standard ¼” plug.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

What's Included

  • Microphone