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Party Ball Fogger

1000-Watt Fog Machine with Built-in Party Lights

10.43" H x 16.14" W x 7.09" D
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Party Ball Fogger

Fill the largest room with fog!

When you’re looking to create the perfect party atmosphere, Party Ball Fogger is exactly what you need. This 400-watt fog machine quickly and easily fills your room with swirling fog, for that “just right” mood-inducing effect. The domed party light projects Red, Green White, Purple, Orange and Blue colors into the fog, further enhancing the ambience of your event. There is a wireless remote for user activation and an integrated handle for easy transportation. Plus, the water-based fog solution (included) is safe for fire alarm systems.

For refills, see our ION Fog Fluid Quart.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

What's Included

  • Party Ball Fogger
  • Safety & Warranty Manual
  • Fog Fluid (32 oz)
  • Wireless Remote Control

Key Features

  • 1000-watt fog machine fills any large room with fog
  • Built-in dome party light projects red, green, blue, white, purple and orange colors
  • Motorized lights create swirling light patterns
  • Wireless remote for easy control
  • Water-based fog solution included