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Replacement iCT04RS Stylus (see list)

Replacement Stylus

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Replacement iCT04RS Stylus (see list)

ICT04RS / GTRS (*Portable Excluded)

Replacement Stylus for the ICT04 Cartridge, 2 per package.

Compatible with the following ION turntables:
  • TTUSB05 & XL
  • TTUSB10
  • LP Dock
  • LP 2 CD
  • LP 2 Flash
  • Profile LP
  • iProfile
  • Profile Flash
  • Profile Pro
  • Pro100BT
Compatible with the following Akai Professional turntables:
  • BT100

iTTUSB (Yellow Stylus Discontinued) ICT04 Cartridge & Stylus is now recommended.

ION Portable Turntables (IPT) require the CZ-800-10.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

What's Included

  • Replacement iCT04RS Stylus (see list)