Sound Session Drums

Compact Electronic Drum Set

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Sound Session Drums

Have you ever wanted to play the drums, but live in an apartment or a neighborhood where you can't have the noise of an acoustic drumset? Or, maybe you would like to start playing the drums, but don't have the room for a traditional set of drums. Sound Session Drums are perfect for you!

This complete electronic drum set fits into a fraction of the space of an acoustic drum set and comes with everything you need to get started playing. Sound Session Drums come with natural-feeling drum and cymbal pads, foot pedals for hi-hat and bass drum, all the cables you'll need as well as a power adapter. A rugged, adjustable stand holds the drum and cymbal pads and comes with all the mounting hardware you need. The complete set comes complete with everything you need for playing drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds.

Sound Session Drums also feature a drum-sound module with over 100 different instruments in 15 drum sets. You can modify and save the drum sounds and drum set for totally custom setups! There are 41 play-along music patterns for practicing and jamming out. You can listen to the drum parts on the patterns to get ideas for what to play, then mute the drums and play your own part! There are lights that show you what to play in case you want some assistance. You can record your drum performance and listen back. There's also a metronome built in for learning to play with a steady beat.

Sound Session Drums have standard 1/8-inch stereo jack connections for headphones, connecting to your home stereo or amplifier, and a mix-in input for a CD or MP3 player.

Whether it's time to rock out loud or practice quietly, you'll have everything you need with Sound Session Drums.

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Key Features

  • Complete electronic drum set
  • Natural-feeling drum and cymbal pads on a completely adjustable stand
  • Takes up less space than acoustic drums
  • Makes almost no sound when played with headphones
  • 108 drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds in 15 customizable drum sets
  • 41 play-along music patterns with mutable drum parts for practicing and jamming out
  • Light-up play-along display for learning drum patterns
  • Record your drum performance and listen back
  • Metronome for learning to play with a steady beat
  • 1/8-inch stereo headphone and speaker-system outputs, mix-in input for CD or MP3 player