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Tough Sounds

Hearing Protection Headphones with Bluetooth® Technology & Radio

3.7" H x 6.5" W x 5.71" D
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Tough Sounds

Keep Your Ears Safe & Enjoy Great Sound!

Mowing the lawn? Wacking those weeds? Vacuuming the house? Hard at work on the job site? If you love music, you owe it to yourself to protect your hearing.

Tough Sounds™ from ION Audio will protect your ears while you enjoy great music—on the job or off. Bluetooth technology allows you to stream music to the Tough Sound internal speakers, or even talk on your smart phone. Plus, you can listen to the built-in AM/FM Radio anywhere you go.

Outside, Tough Sounds headphones reduce the external noise reaching your ears by an effective 25 dB (Decibels). Ruggedly crafted, Tough Sounds feature comfortable ear cushions; the adjustable headband quickly adjusts to provide a cozy fit for every user. Plus, the lightweight design insures fatigue-free use, day after day.

Inside, Tough Sounds are equipped with a compact personal audio system. The built-in AM/FM Radio offers twenty presets—more than enough to program all your favorite stations.

Prefer your own tunes? No problem. You can stream audio to Tough Sounds from any and all Bluetooth music players. Best of all, Tough Sounds provides a built-in microphone and is fully compatible with your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone—so you can stay in contact as you work. Wireless technology keeps your device safely in your pocket, while you enjoy flawless audio via the built-in Tough Sound speakers.

The streamlined design offers convenient controls that are simple to operate, including an oversized volume knob. The 1/8" stereo input can accept an audio signal from nearly any source for enhanced versatility. Using the internal lithium-ion battery, Tough Sounds can operate for roughly 20+ hours on a single USB charge. Tough Sounds is the all-in-one solution for effective hearing protection and excellent on-the-go audio.

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What's Included

Key Features

  • All-in-one hearing protection and personal audio system
  • Headphones offer 25 dB Noise Reduction Rating
  • Wireless audio streaming from Bluetooth devices
  • Built-in mic for smartphone compatibility
  • AM/FM Radio with 20 station presets
  • Lithium-ion battery offers 20+ hours of use
  • Auxiliary stereo input