Video 2 PC HD

High Definition Digital Video Converter

1.13" H x 3.38" W x 2" D
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Video 2 PC HD

Convert your old videotapes into high-definition digital video!

Your old video movie tapes. Your daughter’s high school graduation from 1988. That unforgettable moment when your cousin Tim knocked over the cake at Uncle Murray’s and Aunt Silvia’s 50th wedding anniversary. So many memories locked away on those videotapes.

The problem is, your old VHS player is down in the basement, somewhere, because you DVR everything these days. Will you ever be able to see those old tapes again?

Yes—ION’s Video 2 PC HD is the perfect answer! 

Bring your VCR upstairs. Video 2 PC HD converts analog video into digital video on Mac and PC. It works with virtually any video source: VCRs, camcorders and more.

Video 2 PC HD is ideal for creating digital video files that you can upload to Facebook and You Tube, onto smartphones and tablets, or archive on DVD to play anytime.

Video 2 PC HD is easy to set up and use, with standard RCA and S-Video connectivity, plus it’s USB-powered, so there’s no bulky external power supply.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Key Features

  • Turns analog video into digital video on Mac or PC
  • Includes PC (Cyberlink Power Director 9 DE) and Mac (EZCap) software for easy editing
  • HD resolution when used with PC
  • Compatible with iMovie on Mac OS X
  • Upload to social Media, smartphones and tablets, archive on DVD
  • Works with virtually and video source: VCR, camcorder, and more
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Standard RCA component and S-Video connectivity
  • USB-powered, no external power supply needed