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Need a replacement battery?

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How to get the longest life out of your battery

Rechargeable lead-acid batteries are similar to those used in automobiles. As with your car battery, how you use this battery has a significant impact on its lifespan.  For example, if you forget to turn off your car's lights and drain the battery, a jump start may work a few times.  But after a few full discharges, even a jump won't help, and the battery will need to be replaced.  With proper use and treatment, a lead-acid battery can last for years.  Here are some recommendations for getting the longest life from the internal battery:

Tips for using your battery
  • Leave your rechargeable speaker plugged in when not in use.  
  • Fully charge the battery before using it.
  • Charge the battery completely after each use.
  • Avoid completely draining the battery.
Tips for storing your battery
  • Avoid storing in high temperatures and moist places.
  • For long-term storage, periodically recharge the battery.
  • If you do not charge the battery for six months, it may not charge.
How to dispose of a Lead-Acid battery
  • Bring the unit to a recycling center or dispose of in accordance with local ordinances.

Are ION rechargeable batteries covered under the warranty?

Yes. Your replacement rechargeable battery can be covered under the warranty in the following circumstances:

  • You've owned your ION speaker for less than 90 days
  • You can provide a photo or image of your receipt

If the above applies, we can send to a replacement battery under the warranty, free of charge. Just use the form below to let us know where to send it, and provide a copy of your receipt. We'll take care of the rest!


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