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Wave Rider

Waterproof Floating Boombox with LED Illumination

Featuring great sound, wireless streaming, hands-free call answering and multi-color illumination, the totally waterproof Wave Rider delivers the fun like nothing else can!


Total PA Ultra

High-Power Bluetooth PA System with Lights

With a high-powered bi-amplified, equalized sound system, Total PA Ultra covers even the largest spaces with clear, vibrant sound. The woofer glows in multiple colors and has a special Dancing Circle of Light around the woofer for truly exciting visual effects.


Glow Stone Solar

Wireless Solar LED Rechargeable Speaker

Make any outdoor space come alive with music and glowing lights! With wireless streaming, LED lava-effect lights and powerful, dynamic sound, Glow Stone Solar shrugs off the rain and puts an end to boring outdoor spaces, once and for all!