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Waterproof Bluetooth®️-Enabled Stereo Speaker with 360° Sound

Acadia™️ features our 360° Sound Experience providing amazing premium surround sound and it has built-in Multi-Color LED Lights that glow in multiple colors for added ambience day or night!


Total PA™️ Live

High-Power Bluetooth®️-Enabled Speaker System with Premium Wide Sound and Lights

Total PA™️Live is a powerful 500-Watt Bluetooth®️-enabled PA sound system with exciting lighting effects and features ION’s Sonic Wide Audio™️, Party Starter® Mode, and simple One-Touch™️ User Interface.


Pathfinder™️ 280°

High-Power All-Weather Bluetooth®️-Enabled Speaker with Premium Wide-Angle Sound

Pathfinder™️ 280° is a rugged IPX5 water-resistant speaker with a 100 hour rechargeable battery that features ION’s 280° Wide-Range Sound directing your audio to the front, left, and right of the speaker.