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Explorer™ Express

Portable All-Weather Bluetooth®️-Enabled Speaker with Premium Wide Sound and ¼” Microphone Input

13.23" H x 13.48" W x 6.5" D
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Explorer™ Express

Explorer™ Express – Portable All-Weather Bluetooth®️-Enabled Speaker with Premium Wide Sound and ¼” Microphone Input

The all-new Explorer™ Express portable Bluetooth speaker from ION is here! The Explorer™ Express is a new portable ION speaker with a new 3 speaker cabinet design, a rechargeable battery with a ¼” microphone input. The Explorer™ Express features a compact speaker cabinet design that includes 3 speakers and an integrated Easy-Grab™ handle which you will adore when you pick it up. This new ION speaker includes a rechargeable battery. All of this makes it easy to take Explorer™ Express with you anywhere. It is also the perfect portable Bluetooth speaker to just leave on your patio or in the family room, for easy music/audio streaming. The new Explorer™ Express is IPX5 water-resistant, so it is perfect for indoors or outdoors. ION Explorer™ Express is a wireless speaker system with a rechargeable battery and offers premium wide sound via 3 built-in speakers that allow you to enjoy the best sound anywhere you want to take it because it is portable and powerful! The Explorer™ Express is a portable speaker powerhouse enabled with Bluetooth® 5.0 and streams music and audio easily from your preferred device. Explorer™ Express can provide powerful audio because of the 65-watt three speaker sound system. Explorer™ Express’ three- speaker system includes one 6.5” woofer and two 2.5” tweeters. More speakers, more sound! The Explorer™ Express’ three speakers and wide-range sound, provides audio with a wider sound arc than a typical portable Bluetooth speaker.

The new ION Explorer™ Express includes an FM radio with App Sync™ presets that will save your favorite stations for easy listening, and it has ION’s own proprietary Wireless Stereo Link™️ technology so you can wirelessly connect two Explorer™ Express speakers together for true stereo sound! A good reason to have two! This ION speaker offers more benefits than just convenient audio! If your phone or your device needs to charge, the Explorer™ Express has a USB charge port that will give your devices that needed charge! Also, the USB port plays material recorded on other devices. The latest version of the ION Sound Control™ app continues to provide your ION Bluetooth speakers with personal control. Available for both iOS and Android, download the latest version of the app and you will have remote control of your sound so you can personalize your audio experience. The Explorer™ Express is a complete water-resistant portable Bluetooth speaker that provides easy portability that you will find suitable for any environment!

What's Included

Key Features

  • BLUETOOTH 5.0 ENABLED Stream and control your music wirelessly
  • ION SOUND CONTROL™ APP Customize your audio
  • 65-WATT 3-SPEAKER SOUND SYSTEM 3 Speakers (6.5” woofer, two 2.5” tweeters) deliver wide sound
  • IPX5 WATER-RESISTANT Safe to leave in the rain or near the pool
  • RECHARGEABLE 10-HOUR BATTERY Delivers long-lasting fun
  • 1/4" MICROPHONE INPUT Connect your mic for endless fun
  • FM RADIO WITH APP-SYNC™ PRESETS Easily set your favorite radio presets from the ION Sound Control App
  • WIRELESS STEREO-LINK™ Wirelessly connects 1 additional Explorer™ Express speaker
  • USB PLAYBACK Conveniently plays material recorded on other devices
  • USB CHARGE PORT Powers all your devices
  • EASY-GRAB™ HANDLE Grab the top handle for maximum portability