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Pro Glow™ Express


15.31" H x 9.88" W x 7.87" D
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Pro Glow™ Express


ION Audio’s new Pro Glow™ Express compact, portable Bluetooth speaker system with lights is our new 8” PA featuring ION’s Sonic Wide Audio™ design. Sonic Wide Audio™ delivers premium sound to the front, left, and right of the speaker.


Pro Glow™ Express delivers real quality sound, not some weak imitation. The Pro Glow™ Express is a superb Bluetooth® speaker with lights and this complete PA system has everything you need; powerful sound, versatile and complete hookup/connection capability, convenient ease of use and set-up versatility. A built-in handle makes transport of the ION Pro Glow™ Express easy and convenient to use anywhere. Its powerful 8-inch woofer features LED lighting effects in multiple colors, so you will make a stunning visual impact matched only by the Pro Glow™ Express’ sonic power. Your audience will love what they hear, and they will love what they see.


The impressive 150-watt sound system easily covers large spaces with clear, vibrant sound. You can stream music from any Bluetooth® device, use the built-in USB music player to read music files using the USB playback port and this portable Bluetooth® speaker has an aux input so you can easily connect a non-Bluetooth® device. The included high-quality microphone and cable puts you in charge, front and center. The mic input adds Echo Effect to your vocals on a great Karaoke solo!


The Pro Glow™ Express also has ION’s Wireless Stereo-Link™ tech allowing you to wirelessly connect another Pro Glow™ Express for even bigger sound.

What's Included

Key Features

  • ION SOUND CONTROL™ APP Customize audio and lighting
  • BLUETOOTH 5.0 ENABLED Stream and control your music wirelessly
  • HIGH-POWER 150-WATT SOUND SYSTEM 8” (203.2mm) woofer, 1” (25.4mm) tweeter deliver lifelike sound
  • SONIC WIDE AUDIO™ Provides premium sound to the front, left, and right of the speaker
  • MULTI-COLOR LIGHTS Woofer glows in multiple colors and dances to the beat
  • ONE-TOUCH™ USER INTERFACE Simple control knob for all sound adjustments
  • WIRELESS STEREO-LINK™ Wirelessly connects 1 additional Pro Glow™ Express
  • USB PLAYBACK Conveniently plays material recorded on other devices
  • BUILT-IN HANDLE For easy transportation
  • MICROPHONE INCLUDED High-quality mic and cable included
  • 1/4" MICROPHONE INPUT Connect your mic for endless fun
  • ECHO EFFECT ON MICROPHONE For great karaoke
  • SEPARATE BASS AND TREBLE CONTROLS For precise tonal adjustment
  • AUX INPUT Easily connect non-Bluetooth devices
  • 1A USB CHARGE PORT Keeps your mobile devices ready to go