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Retro Rocker

Portable Retro-Style Compact Boombox

7.72" H x 11.97" W x 5.2" D
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Retro Rocker

Enjoy great sound from your cassettes or AM/FM/Shortwave Radio

Remember that great compact boom box you used to have? It sounded great, it played all your favorite cassettes, and you’d never miss a game, no matter where you were. The best thing about it was that it was small and light, so you’d bring it everywhere.

Wouldn’t it be great to have that compact boom box again, but updated for today? Well, here it is—Retro Rocker! First, it plays all the tapes you love so much (admit it—you still have ‘em all!). They’ll sound as great as you remember on Retro Rocker's gutsy 4-inch full-range speaker backed by 6 watts of power.  You can record new tapes from Bluetooth®, AM/FM/SW radio or from the built-in microphone. There’s also a headphone jack for private listening.

However, it gets better, because Retro Rocker has  been  modernized  for  today: The  unit  will  convert  cassettes  to  digital  format,  so  you  can  play  your  treasured  music  using  a  thumb drive  on  any  other  equipment  that  has  a  USB  input—which is just about everything these days. Retro Rocker is the ideal blend of portability, nostalgic sound and modern convenience.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

What's Included

Key Features

  • 80's-style retro compact cassette boom box
  • Full-range speaker pumps out powerful bass and clear highs
  • High-quality cassette plays all the tapes in your collection
  • Records onto cassette tapes from Bluetooth, radio, USB, SD, or with built-in microphone
  • Sensitive AM/FM and Shortwave radio
  • USB, SD playback and recording capabilities
  • Runs off AC adapter or 4 "D" batteries (not incl.)