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Sealed Lead Acid Battery - 12V 5aH

Rechargeable Battery for Portable Speakers

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SKU: 60190082-I
Sealed Lead Acid Battery - 12V 5aH

Keep Your ION Speaker Sounding Great!

Your big ION outdoor speaker is the life of the party. Keep the good times powered up with a new replacement rechargeable battery. These sealed rechargeable lead acid batteries offer the same specifications as the battery that came with your speaker, so you're assured of "like-new" performance.

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Use the 12V 5Ah for
  • Use the 12V 5Ah for
  • Block Rocker AM/FM IPA16
  • Block Rocker Bluetooth® iPA56
  • Block Rocker IPA56D
  • Block Rocker iPA76A
  • Tailgater AM/FM IPA17
  • Tailgater Bluetooth iPA57
  • Tailgater IPA77
  • Job Rocker iPA30
  • Tailgater Active iPA30A
  • Explorer Bluetooth iPA23
  • Explorer Bluetooth M2 iPA23B
  • Road Rider IPA29

Specifications subject to change without notice.

What's Included

  • Sealed Lead Acid Battery - 12V 5aH