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Uber™️ Boom Ultra

Water-Resistant Bluetooth®️-Enabled Stereo Boombox With Lights

7.8" H x 14.25" W x 6.1" D
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Uber™️ Boom Ultra


Let us introduce you to Uber Boom Ultra, ION’s new Bluetooth boombox LED speaker that is perfect for on the go, rain, or shine. It is the perfect portable speaker, whether you are playing basketball, skateboarding in the park, hanging at the beach, or getting caught in a sudden rainstorm while camping! The Uber Boom Ultra is a water-resistant high-power Bluetooth boombox portable speaker that streams music wirelessly from any Bluetooth -enabled device. This 80-Watt Bluetooth boombox is rated IP66, so it is water-resistant and sand proof, which makes it safe for the beach, pool, and trails! With its multi-colored lighting and bass boost, this portable speaker has a pumping woofer that glows in multiple colors and the lights synchronize to the beat of the music. Loaded with features, the Uber Boom Ultra has ION’s Bass Boost feature that allows you to kick up the bass for maximum sound impact at the touch of a button. ION’s new Uber Boom Ultra Bluetooth boombox with the new ION bass boost function, is a portable LED speaker that will put the ‘boom boom’ into your music!

Do not let size fool you. The Uber Boom Ultra Bluetooth boombox speaker packs a powerful built-in rechargeable battery. The battery supplies up to 12 hours of use on a single charge and can be recharged through any USB outlet including power banks, laptops, wall outlets, etc. Plus, Uber Boom Ultra has a USB/SD card playback feature so that you can conveniently play material recorded on other devices. For the best karaoke parties, Uber Boom Ultra has a 1/4" Microphone input so you can connect your mic and be a karaoke star! Download, install and use the ION Sound XP app, available from your preferred app store and take total control of your new Bluetooth boombox speaker’s audio and lighting functions. Uber Boom Ultra also provides hands-free call answering with the built-in microphone allowing you to answer a call without handling your phone. Indoors or outdoors, this portable Bluetooth boombox speaker will put the ‘boom boom’ into your music!

What's Included

Key Features

  • ION SOUND XP™️ APP Controls audio and lighting
  • BLUETOOTH® 5.0 ENABLED Stream and control your music wirelessly
  • HIGH-POWER 80-WATT SOUND SYSTEM Dual 3.5” full-range speakers and 2 passive radiators deliver lifelike sound
  • IP66 WATER-RESISTANT/SANDPROOF Safe for beach, trail, and rain
  • WIRELESS STEREO-LINK™️ Wirelessly connects 1 additional Uber™ Boom Ultra speaker
  • MULTI-COLORED LIGHTS Woofers glow in multiple colors and dance to the beat
  • RECHARGEABLE 12-HOUR BATTERY Delivers long-lasting fun
  • BASS BOOST Kicks up the bass for maximum impact
  • USB/SD CARD PLAYBACK Conveniently plays material recorded on other devices
  • 1/4" MICROPHONE INPUT Connect your mic for endless fun
  • AUX INPUT Easily connect non-Bluetooth devices
  • BUILT-IN MICROPHONE Provides hands-free call answering