Rugged emergency weather radio handles any situation with long-lasting rechargeable battery, solar and hand-crank recharging, IPX4 water resistance and USB smartphone charge port.

Cumberland RI, USA (January 6, 2018)ION Audio, a leader in lifestyle consumer electronics, today announced the introduction of its new Survival Scout emergency weather radio with long-lasting rechargeable battery, solar and hand-crank recharging, IPX4 water resistance and USB smartphone charge port. In addition to its sensitive AM/FM radio, the unit receives 7 NOAA weather radio channels and alerts to keep users informed of extreme conditions.

Survival Scout features a high-capacity 12V, 2300 mAh rechargeable battery, enabling it to deliver an impressive 27.6 Watt Hours when fully charged, compared to typical weather radios that only provide 5 Watt Hours or less. Survival Scout can be recharged via the built-in 1-watt solar panel or 3-watt hand crank generator. Additionally, the solar panel and hand-crank generator can charge a smartphone via the built-in USB port, so users can keep their phone charged even when there’s no access to AC power.

Besides its invaluable weather emergency and safety features, Survival Scout also provides great entertainment, thanks to its Bluetooth® music streaming capabilities and 20-watt 2-way 4” speaker. It has a microphone input for making announcements or singing karaoke, and there’s even a 1/8-inch auxiliary input for non-Bluetooth devices.

Survival Scout boasts a rugged exterior, with elegant design features optimized for portability, such as a rear scoop handle, designed for easy, comfortable one-handed carrying. The design also features a recessed dynamo crank handle that lies flush with the main housing when not in use for safe, ‘snag-free’ transport.


  • IPX4 water-resistant, safe to use in the rain
  • 1-watt Integrated solar panel helps keep the battery charged
  • AM/FM/Shortwave, plus 7 NOAA Weather Radio channels
  • Receive NOAA emergency weather alerts for extreme conditions*
  • 3W dynamo hand crank for charging the battery
  • 20 watts of dynamic power, 4” woofer and 1” tweeter
  • Wirelessly streams music from any Bluetooth-enabled device
  • Bright white LED lighting
  • Built‐in rechargeable battery with 2300 mAh capacity
  • USB port for charging your smartphone
  • 1/8-inch aux input for non‐Bluetooth devices

“Survival Scout is the world’s first product to combine great-sounding entertainment with incredibly useful, potentially life-saving safety and emergency features. Having the ability to charge your phone when electricity is not available, even for weeks, provides peace of mind to you and your family,” said Wendy Fortin, Product Manager for ION Audio. She added, “Rugged, water-resistant and versatile, Survival Scout is an essential tool that every family should have.”

U.S. retail is $129.
It is available now.


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